Frequently Asked Questions

01603 443311

What Are Your Delivery Times?

Our standard delivery time is a minimum of 8 weeks and all veils are delivered via Courier.

What About Rush Orders?

Sometimes you need a veil made quickly, and we will try our level best to help and have frequently worked late into the night! If we can make it, we will but please be aware that currently we are working flat out and hence be unlikely to help.

Do Rush Orders Cost More?

We don't charge extra for rush orders, as we want to help whenever we can.

How Do I Become A Stockist?

If you are interested in becoming a stockist, then provided there isn't an existing stockist on your doorstep, we should talk. We can send you a sample of our best sellers and you can check the quality for yourselves.

Is There A Minimum Order?

This no minimum. Some stockists order veil by veil, others hold large stocks - the choice is yours.

What Are Your Payment Terms?

We offer 30 days payment terms.